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Activist Assembly 2012


Students in Ontario face the highest tuition fees in Canada, massive amounts of student debt and oppression on campus and in their communities… At the same time students are working together to challenge ignorance, support environmental action, create safe and inclusive campuses, and fight for fully accessible post-secondary education.

The 2012 Ontario Activist Assembly will bring together hundreds of students from across the province. Students will gather in Toronto to meet, share experiences and learn from each other. To register visit

Issues-based workshops including current issues in post-secondary education, the environmental impact of the Canadian Tar Sands, food security, intersectionality of oppression within feminist movements, and free education will provide participants with the knowledge needed to get involved in a variety of campaigns.

Skills-based workshops including how to develop campaigns, public speaking 101, crafting a media message, departmental organizing, and organizing for graduate students will provide participants with the skills necessary to organize successfully on campus and in the community.

About the Canadian Federation of Students

Formed in 1981, the Canadian Federation of Students is Canada’s national and provincial students’ union representing over one-half million college and university students from more than 80 campus unions across Canada. In Ontario there are more than 35 Federation member local students’ unions uniting over 300,000 full-time and part-time students at both the graduate and undergraduate level.

The Federation works with students across the province and country to advance its ultimate goal – a system of post-secondary education that is accessible to all, which is of high quality, which is nationally planned, which recognizes the legitimacy of student representation, and the validity of student rights, and whose role in society is clearly recognized and appreciated.

The Federation also organizes a variety of equity-based and sustainability campaigns and provides several services to save students and students’ unions time and money.


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