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This Wednesday October 24th at 2:00 pm in room K 219

Yves Engler is coming to speak to Laurentian University at Barrie about his new book: “The Ugly Canadian: Stephen Harper’s Foreign Policy”

Stephen Harper’s foreign policy documents the sordid story of the Canadian government’s sabotage of international environmental efforts, a government totally committed to tar sands producers and a mining industry widely criticized for abuses. Furthermore, this sweeping critique details Harper’s opposition to the “Arab Spring” democracy movement and his backing of repressive Middle East monarchies, as well as his support for a military coup in Honduras and indifference to suffering of Haitians following the earthquake that devastated their country. The book explores Canada’s extensive military campaign in Libya, opposition to social transformation in Latin America and support for a right-wing Israeli government. With an eye to Canada’s growing international isolation, The Ugly Canadian is a must read for those who would like to see Canada adopt a more just foreign policy.

All Laurentian students and friends are welcome! For details please stop by our office (E112 A) or like us on Facebook!