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Model Parliament Deadline is Coming Fast

November 30th is the deadline to sign up and pay for the Model Parliament trip – January 10th – 13th


The Laurentian University Annual Model Parliament trip is a four-day, three-night trip in which students from both the Sudbury and Barrie campuses travel to Ottawa and take part in a unique simulation of Canadian government.


The 2012 Model Parliament trip takes place January 10th -13th. Students will travel to Ottawa on Thursday, leaving in the early morning and arriving in time to settle into the hotel and prepare for the following day. Students will attend a guided tour of Parliament on Thursday evening, as well as attend a caucus meeting in order to meet members of their party. On the Friday, the group will sit in the House of Commons and participate in a mock model of Parliament where students debate and negotiate on bills in proceedings that mimic current Parliament.


It is a fantastic educational experience that all Laurentian students should consider attending. The House sits from 9-5, with a break for lunch in between.

After the House adjourns, students will have the chance to walk through Parliament to East Block and dine at a catered banquet in the same room that the Government holds receptions and parties in. At the banquet, students receive awards for outstanding performance – Best Speech, Best MP, Best Statement. From Friday night until Sunday morning students are on their own to explore Ottawa and Quebec.


The trip will cost $170 per person and cheques can be made out to Laurentian Student Union. Payments from students are due Thursday, November 10 along with an application, available in the LSU office, E112A.  Payments must be delivered to the LSU office. Cash and cheques are acceptable and no refunds are given.

There are 55 spots available on the trip and will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis.


The Laurentian University Annual Model Parliament Trip has always been one of the best memories for Laurentian graduates, because this trip is not only a great educational experience, but a chance to get to know your peers and professors.


The trip is open to all Laurentian students. The annual Model Parliament trip is a Laurentian tradition that has lasted over 17 years. Laurentian University is only one of two universities in the country that has the privilege to sit in the House of Commons.

Students will also have the privilege of dining at the Chateau Laurier, a beautiful venue.

To sign up for the trip, or if you have any questions or concerns please drop by the LSU office, room E 112 a.

You can also fill out the form below and return it to the LSU office before November 30th 2012!

Model Parliament Application Form W13

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