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Library Petition

Angry about the state of the “library” at Georgian college? Do you find it ridiculous that as university students you have virtually zero reference materials and unacceptable library hours (especially on the weekends)? Well, the LSU is on it. There is a petition circling in hopes of extending the library hours to more appropriate times in order to better serve the university students on this campus. We deserve an adequate space to study and research. Join the fight today by signing the petition below and returning it to our office (E112 A) or stopping by our office (E112 A) and signing it!

Petition Summary: The Georgian College Library hours of operation do not meet the current demands of Georgian College and Laurentian University students.

As a facility catering to college, university and post-graduate students, we, the students, are not provided with the services we require to complete our studies.

EXTEND LIBRARY HOURS!!! Let’s make the Georgian College Barrie Campus a place where after class/independent learning is fostered!!! Help Georgian/Laurentian students embrace their entrepreneurial ambitions by providing the resources they need!

Other universities and colleges in Ontario offer weekly hours to at least 12:00am and up until 2:00am during exam time, as well as certain areas open 24/7! Let’s lose the title of a “commuter” college/university! Help PROVIDE us with the resources! We will use them!  Please sign this petition to increase library hours and study resources at Georgian College Barrie Campus!!!


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