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Request to Graduate Forms due Friday January 25th

Are you graduating this year? If so, congratulations! Make sure to fill out a request to graduate form and hand it into the Registrar before next Friday (January 25th). Forms can be picked up at the LSU office (E112 A) or at the UPC office (C 310).

Students are encouraged to see their academic adviser if they have any questions or concerns regarding course requirements or graduation requirements.

Students who were unable to take the second half of a required course because it was not offered and instead replaced it with an alternate course must inform Professor Johns so that he can make a record of it (C 302). This is extremely important, as it will affect your ability to graduate.


Regular and Latex Free Condoms Now Available

Cruise by the LSU office and grab some free swag! We now have regular and latex free condoms available, along with information on safer sex and consent culture! Be smart, be safe!