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General Membership Meeting February 15th

The GMM will occur on Friday February 15th at 12pm and there will be pizza and refreshments for all students attending. The GMM takes place in Room H 121 (Auto Building). ALL STUDENTS ATTENDING MUST BRING THEIR STUDENT CARD OR RELEVANT PHOTO ID.

The General Membership Meeting (GMM) is a forum of direct democracy open to all Laurentian student’s studying at either the Barrie or Orillia campuses. Student’s may participate if they are currently enrolled in at least ONE Laurentian University course.

The GMM facilitates a ‘bottom-up’ democratic process, ensuring that your students’ union, the Laurentian Students’ Union (LSU) has a mandate that is established by and for the student’s it represents.

The LSU believes that empowered GMMs are the most effective way to ensure that all voices are provided a forum to influence the decision making process. In other words, the direct democracy of the GMM allows those who are most affected by decisions the opportunity to participate in the process of making those decisions.

So, the LSU invites you to come out and make your voice heard. Come to the GMM to listen, discuss, debate, and vote on issues that directly affect your experience as a University student.


1. Bylaw Amendments
2. Elections
3. Finance Update
4. Events
5. Campaigns
6. Marketing
7. Orillia
8. Clubs/Associations.
9. Open Floor

Students may wish to add items to the agenda, and if they do, please contact Mark Gauci ( or post on this event.

Also: Additional items can be added to the agenda after being presented at the beginning of the GMM and must be endorsed by no less than a 2/3rds majority. Ratification of all motions presented to the GMM must be endorsed by no less than a 2/3rds majority.

For additional information stop by the LSU office (E112 A) or visit the Facebook page at

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