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Students of the World Unite!

The LSU is member Local 111 of the Canadian Federation of Students! To find out more about the benefits of being apart of this larger federation, visit the links below and check out what students all across the country are saying! There concerns are our concerns. Our strength is in our numbers!


Library Petition

Have you ever been frustrated with the lack of reference materials in the Georgian College library? Have you ever been angered at the 11pm closing time, or even worse still, 5 or 8pm on weekends? What about the noise level, or the number of students who are using Facebook or YouTube when you actually need to get something done? Well, the LSU is on it! There is a petition circling in hopes of extending the library hours to more appropriate times in order to better serve the university students on this campus. We deserve an adequate space to study and research. Stop by our office in E112 A to sign the petition and join the fight!


Need something in Barrie?

  • Georgian BMW is looking for Sales Consultants to join their young and growing BMW team. Contact Gilbert Paquette @ 705-797-4200
  • Crossroads Staffing is currently recruiting experienced referees for the Barrie Area for the summer season, approximately 15-30 hours per week. Contact Keith @ 705-795-4009

Willing to Commute?

Moving to the Sudbury Campus?