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LSU Orientation Day 2013

We have a full day planned for tomorrow, separate from Georgian Orientation! Over the past several years this has been the case, however, as the Laurentian presence has grown in Barrie, and the Laurentian Student’s Union has been established, we now try to do our own orientation and events separate from Georgian to encourage and foster a more university-oriented experience.

You will arrive in front of C Building at 11am on Tuesday. From there you will be directed to Alumni Hall (K224) where the day’s events will begin. Ideally presentations would take place before tours and breakout groups, however, given that Georgian students are given priority, we have not been able to secure the hall for presentation until 2pm, though we were originally told we would have for 11am. Given this, when you arrive at Alumni Hall, you will find the registration table, and shortly after tours will begin. Following this will be lunch and some time to check out a number clubs and services booths (and some cool activities) that will be set up, and at 2pm Presentations will take place for an hour or so, before questions are taken and swag bag distributed. Later that night we will be meeting at Alliance Billiards as a sort of meet and greet, for free pool and discounted menu items! There are no scheduled classes on Tuesday, September 3rd. Regular scheduled classes begin the following day, Wednesday, September 4th 2013.

Hope this helps and that finds you all eagerly awaiting the start of your academic year!