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Are you thinking about pursuing graduate studies?

If so, then please note the attached poster for an upcoming information session that is being offered by two of our professors in Barrie (Daniel Byers and Michael Johns).  During this session we will talk about what studying at the graduate level actually means, as well as how to find the best graduate programs to apply to in your area of interest, how to put together the strongest possible application, and potential ways that you can try to help fund your studies through scholarships and/or teaching or research assistantships (some of which may require you to begin applying as early as this October).  We will also try to answer any questions that you may have about such issues.  And a recent graduate from our program who is now in graduate school and has received a major scholarship to do so will also be there, to be able to give you his own thoughts on the process.

This session is open to students who are studying in any Laurentian University in Barrie.  So please feel free to attend – especially if you’re thinking about applying to graduate schools this year, since applications are usually due in December or January for entry next September!

CLICK HERE Grad School Session Poster

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