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Mock Parliament 2015

*Not just for poli-sci majors and political junkies. Come if you like the following things:

– Ottawa (it’s empirically better than Barrie)
– Hotel parties (three nights of them)
– Fancy dinners at the Chateau Laurier
– Having 2 days to do whatever you want in Ottawa
– Awesome old architecture (there’s lots of it)
– Museums
– The Rideau Mall
– The Rideau Canal in January (bring skates)
– 2 coach bus rides with all your school friends (and new ones you’ll make!)
– Debating
– Listening to crazy people debate if you don’t like debating
– Giving long speeches
– Giving short speeches
– Giving political speeches
– Giving speeches about how you hate Harper
– Giving speeches about how you love Harper
– Giving speeches about the Leafs
– Giving speeches about how Game of Thrones is better than the Walking Dead
– Giving speeches about how the Walking Dead is better than Game of Thrones
– Giving speeches about how you just watch the Big Bang Theory instead, thanks.
– Giving speeches about…..anything! (If you’re not so into politics)

Ok, what is the trip, exactly?

A four day-three night trip to Ottawa for $175?! That’s right! The Annual Laurentian University Model (Mock) Parliament trip includes coach-bus transportation to and from Ottawa, a three night hotel accommodation, and all-day access to the House of Commons on Friday January 9th 2015 as well as a catered lunch and banquet dinner at the Chateau Laurier!

The trip is scheduled to take place from Thurs. January 8th—Sun. January 11th, when we will join our Sudbury counterparts in a satirical mimicking of Canadian Parliament. Laurentian University is one of only two schools in Canada with this unique privilege and all students are encouraged to attend! You do not have to be a Political Science major, or even have any knowledge of Canadian politics. Money is due Friday, November 30th 2014, and no refunds will be issued. For more information, or for a sign up form, stop by the Laurentian Students’ Union office, E112A.

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