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Get to know your LSU general election candidates!

President candidate

Jeremy Ross

Hey folks! My name is Jeremy Ross and I am currently a fourth year political science student running for re-election the position of President of the Laurentian Students’ Union for the 2016/2017 school year. In my two years with the Laurentian Students’ Union I have held the position of Vice President of Events for 2014/2015 and was the President for the past 2015/2016 school year.

As president of the 2015/2016 year I had a plethora of goals that I wished to accomplish and feel that myself and the team I was a part of met most of those goals. The first thing my team and I did was gain seats on the Georgian College Executive Council. This means that any fee that Georgian was planning on implementing to the Georgian and Laurentian Students we would have multiple votes at the table. This is a good step forward for us in terms of looking out for the financials of our students and making sure fees that are implemented are needed.

The second thing that we did was create a Laurentian Students’ Union Scholarship. We now have 5 different scholarships that range from $50 to $500 which total $1000. This helped us in accomplishing another goal I had this year which was to greater participation from our members at large. This scholarship helped in pushing people into getting involved.  

Moving forward, this election is probably the most important one the Laurentian Students’ Union has ever had. The announcement of the closure of our campus here in Barrie has added extra stress on the elected executive and the members at large. We have dealt with this issue in the best way possible in terms of advocacy and continuing that advocacy is one of our mandates for next year.

We understand the reason as to why the university is closing and we also understand that the concessions that have been made to the students affected are very generous and in fact we have added a parking pass for those students transferring to Sudbury next September. Additionally, we have made sure that all online classes cost the same as the in-person classes, which we all know is more expensive. However good the concessions have been, we have to remember that the options for many of the full-time students and ALL the part-time student are not feasible. With that said, I will continue to push the #LUBarrie2019 campaign to allow all full-time students and as many part-time students as possible to finish their degrees in the city that they started them in.

Additionally, we will be advocating for more course offerings both in the summer and during the year next year so people next year have a better opportunity to finish their degrees by the end of next year. Moreover, we will continue to lobby the provincial government and more specifically the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities in asking for transitional funding to be provided to Laurentian University to help keep the campus open until May 2019 at least.

Vote YES for Jeremy and together we can help all students finish their degrees in Barrie!”

Jeremy Ross President


VP Finance candidate

Adam Tomlinson

“Hello My name is Adam Tomlinson and i am your current VP of Finance, I am running for re-election for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year. Throughout the past year i have worked to build a balanced budget that offers more funding to services and clubs. As well as making sure the Union has become compliant with Revenue Canada with the filing of back taxes. Looking to the future for the upcoming school year other then the obvious tasks such as crafting a new budget and dealing with how are smaller campus will affect the Unions resources. My main goal will be to take some land from goergian (those baseball diamonds look nice) for our own campus and build a wall separating Georgian from Laurentian, which i will then make the Ministry of Colleges, Training and Universities pay for! I will however allow all students whether they be from Lakehead or Georgian to transfer to Laurentian (A superior school with amazing words) and upgrade their current degree. So Vote for Adam, Lets Make Laurentian Great Again!”

Adam Tomlinson VP Finance


VP Administration Candidate

Meaghan Schitka

“Hi friends!  My name is Meaghan Schitka and I am running for the 2016/2017 VP Administration for the Laurentian Student’s Union.  This year I had the pleasure of serving as the Director for the School of Social Work.  This experience showed me how much I care about creating strong links between the student body, faculty, the community and the student union.
A few fun things about me is that I love tap dancing, hiking and drawing.  If you see me in the hallways, feel free to stop and say hi!  I love meeting new people.”
Meaghan Schitka VP Administration
VP Student Life Candidates
Courtney Bolak
“Hi, my name’s Courtney and I’m currently in my 3rd year double majoring in English Literature and History. I’m the best candidate for VP of Student Life because I have a lot of experience in event planning.  I have been on the Laurentian English Association for 2 years now, one of which I have taken on the role of President. The LEA is a vibrant club at Laurentian at Barrie having events roughly once a month. With this experience, I think I would be an excellent candidate to run your student life events for our last year in Barrie! Vote for Courtney as your VP of Student Life to have the best year of events!”
Courtney Bolak VP Student Life
Geoffrey Mcculloch
No bio or picture submitted
VP Campaigns & Advocacy Candidate
Melanie Van Ameron
“Hey friends! My name is Melanie Van Ameron and I am running to be re-elected as your VP Campaigns & Advocacy representative! I am Social Work student and have several years experience advocating for individuals in the vulnerable sector. I would love to be re-elected so that I can keep consistency for campaigning in regards to the unfortunate news of Laurentian shutting its doors down to the majority of students. I will also ensure for those interested and choosing to go to Sudbury to continue their studies that they will have a smooth and healthy transition and to aid in voicing their concerns and needs if required! See you on the other side! Melanie”
Melanie Van Ameron VP Campaigns & Advocacy
Students’ with Disabilities Commissioner Candidate
John Jackson

“Hello classmates and friends, I have been asked to run for the position of Disability Commissioner in the Laurentian Student Union. I know what this all about because I have not allowed mild cerebral palsy to hold me back from pursuing an honours degree in Sociology and minor in Political Science.

In high school I was on the Student Council as the community representative and I graduated as an Ontario scholar. In between my studies at university I took some time off and attended Arrowsmith School for students with learning disabilities.   I won not only top student award for my grade level but also the Principal’s Award.

After Arrowsmith I became an advocate for neuroplasticity (mental exercises to train the brain to use other neurological pathways) as a method to help individuals with learning disabilities and other neurological issues. My story and other stories like my own can be found in the worldwide best-selling book: The Woman Who Changed Her Brain by Barbara Arrowsmith.

What I believe I can bring to the Laurentian student union as Disability Commissioner is experience and understanding for my constituents who deal with their disabilities on a daily basis. I will also advocate on their behalf and bring to the council issues facing students with disabilities.  I would be honoured to serve as Disability Commissioner at a time when we are facing budget cuts for services at Georgian and the closure of Laurentian University in Barrie.”

John Jackson Students' with Disabilities Commissioner
Womyn’s Equity Commissioner Candidate
Kristen Cockburn

“Hi! My name is Kristen Cockburn and I am very excited to seeking re-election for the position of Womyn’s Equity Commissioner with the Laurentian Student Union. As an individual who is hard working, understanding, and very passionate, I feel that I have been a positive representative for the students of our school!

I am a second-degree student with an Honours Bachelor of Arts and Science from Lakehead University (specializations in Anthropology and Geography) and I am heading into my last year in the Bachelor of Social Work Program here at Laurentian. I have been involved in female oriented programs over the past two years, including the Go Girls group program through Big Brothers/Big Sisters and an in-school mentoring program for a young female – both of which have been very rewarding experiences. Through my education and volunteerism, I have gained a wealth of knowledge about the complexity and importance of women’s issues.

I want to be a voice to ensure that ALL women have equal rights and opportunities. The only way this can be accomplished is if we speak up. We must work together in order to achieve gender equality, and to break down the structural barriers that have existed for far too long. It is important to remember that equality benefits everyone!

Your voice needs to be heard. Vote YES for Kristen Cockburn! Together we will create an inclusive campus!

If you have any questions please contact me:

Kristen Cockburn Womyn's Equity Commissioner

Indigenous Students’ Commissioner Candidate

Lorie Fuentes

“Lorie Fuentes is an Anishnaabekwe in her third year of the Social Work program. Lorie brings enthusiasm and cultural insight to the LSU team. She intends to coordinate culturally appropriate events and resources that could be made available to LU students, in order to increase respect and understanding for Aboriginal history and culture.”

Lorie Fuentes Indigenous Students' Commissioner

Director of the School of Social Work Candidate

Danielle Coates

“I am a 3rd year student in the Bachelor of Social Work program. I was a 2nd year representative for LUSWA and now I’m looking to be part of the LSU! I am a dedicated student that will help in whatever way that I can. I bring a good work ethic, a positive outlook, and a playful attitude to the table in order to have your concerns heard and dealt with, while having some fun along the way!”

Danielle Coates Director of the School of Social Work

Mature and Part-time Students’ Commissioner Candidate

Andy Rowlands

“Hello! My name is Andy Rowlands, and I am running for the position of Mature and Part Time Students’ Commissioner.

It has been my pleasure to serve as the Appointee for this position since January 2016, and I hope to continue in this role over the next year. I am dedicated to the position, and enjoy acting as a representative for my fellow mature and part time students. I am very approachable and easy to speak to, and bring years of liaison experience to the position.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at, and I hope I can secure your support for the coming vote”
Andy Rowlands Mature and Part-Time Students' Commissioner
Director of the School of Business Administration Candidate
Chris Mascioli
“Hi my name is Chris and I am your current director of business administration and I am running for re-election. I’m a 3rd year BBA student who is specializing in Accounting and minoring in psychology. I’m also a part of the EPAS team who is working towards accrediting the BBA program with this highly recognized international committee. I’m experienced with this position and hope to be able to represent the business faculty for another year. Vote for me as your director of business administration, and ensure you are represented responsibly next year.”
Chris Mascioli Director of the School of Business Administration