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The Laurentian English Association (LEA)

The Laurentian English Association (LEA) is a student-run organization that focuses on the extra-curricular student activities that take place within the University. Such activities have included: student run trips to Stratford, Ontario for the annual Shakespeare Festival; a student-run trip to the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) for the Renaissance Exhibit; the “Bad Poetry” Pub Night, which was a smashing success with a huge turnout of both staff and students; the Shakespeare Movie Marathon; and much more. The Laurentian English Association was created in September 2011 by Laurentian University Honours graduates Sage Hyden, Jessica Hewitt, Nicole Birch-Bayley, and current Laurentian University Honours students Megan Harmer, Jon Philips, and James Gray. The LEA is a volunteer-based group that is officially recognized by the Laurentian Students’ Union (LSU) at the Barrie campus, focusing primarily on the University English strand of study. The LEA consists of a panel of six Executive Officers including: current President James Gray, Vice President of Student Activities Holly Stiene, Student Activity Coordinator Sara McKenna, Vice President of Student Affairs Kelly Jamieson, Vice President of Finance and Administration Jon Phillips, and Editor-in-Chief of the Laurentian Voice (the Laurentian University online newsletter) Megan Harmer. The goal of the LEA is to get students from the University English strand involved within and without the University setting, have them participate in activities and trips that relate directly to their strand of learning and, by doing so, hopefully allow them to garner a new respect and/or appreciation for their subject of study. They can be contacted through the president James Gray at

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